xl2wp (This app is not tested for Wordpress version greater than 4.4)

Importing content into wordpress made easy with xl2wp ( Excel to Wordpress plug-in)

xl2wp is a wordpress plug-in used to create posts or pages from Excel work sheet. You don't have to add one post after other in admin dashboard. Just insert all the information belongs to a post or page per row including SEO data and point the file to the plug-in. It will create all the posts and pages with the information from Excel worksheet.

Ideal plug-in for creating vast amount of posts or pages. Post data is easy to enter within Excel worksheet. Be it an e-commerce sites wants to create products posts and details or a web portal needs to create posts with data and links to images, xl2wp comes handy to save you many hours of Data entry jobs.

Key features of xl2wp

  • One click WordPress post/page import - Import all your post and pages from excel file with just a few clicks
  • Yoast / AIO SEO fields Data - Imports famed WordPress plug-in "Yoast SEO" or "All-in-one SEO" title, description, Keywords and other settings along with post or page
  • Custom Fields - Developing complex theme requires one or more custom fields. Import unlimited custom field key value pairs with posts
  • WordPress tags - Import WordPress tags as well
  • Create missing Categories - Just assign your post to one or more categories without worrying about there existence. If the categories are not found within your WordPress install they will be created on the fly
  • Parent Child Category taxonomies - Set your parent child categories like "US>New York>Manhattan>Times Square" and the plug-in will create the missing parent child categories and assign the posts to them.
  • Child pages - Create child pages
  • Set page template - Set page templates
  • Schedule post or Page - Just set the post date in the future and that post or page will be scheduled