RETS Client plan

MLS Real Estate Application for Real Estate Broker Firms.

Ideal for Real Estate Firms

Give access to your Brokers to MLS listing. Integrate and map data in your server. Back-end App can be build to clients specifications.

Core features of Custom plan

You own the Data.

Your Data, those you provide and MLS data, is yours only. Even though we setup and maintain your VPS, Data belongs to you. If you wish you could pay the Custom setup cost and take over the VPS at any time.

Your VPS is on Cloud

Minimum requirements: Reliable & safely accessible LAMP server with 8 GB Memory, 8 vCPUs, 500 GB SSD hosted on cloud. You may require additional storage space for images

Top end technology

We utilize the state-of-the-art software to reliably present the application on the web.

Complete setup and maintenance

We take care of LAMP server setup and install all necessary software and maintain them including security updates as they are available.

Customize views

Build your front-end / Back-end to specifications. Tell us, we develop!


You do not have to strain your budget. Initial setup $ 4999.00 and a monthly maintenance cost including modification and addition of more MLS to your App $2499 / month. There is no initial contract for maintenance. If you can manage, then you are free to do it.

Yes, I want to have a customized plan.

Let's check!

Registered with my local MLS provider and you are issued with login credentials

If you haven't tested your MLS credentials, please do so here.

Have you chosen your Domain Name? Domain name is your address on the web. People should be able to easily remember it. Generic names like comes with organic traffic. Generic names are not available in the registrar market anymore. Perhaps in the after market for sale. The price range from couple of thousands to well over 100 thousand. It is still possible to find Keyword rich domain names at registration fee. which will also bring limited organic traffic. We could help you with that.

Once you conform that your MLS credentials are working and chosen the Domain Name for your Real Estate MLS-App, then contact us to setup your MLS-App on the cloud.

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